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Could art be a temporary antidote to the negativity of the times? I invite you to take a closer look at the beauty, innocence and exquisite design found in the nature around you. Whether using paint or pencil, I create art for you to witness the endearing curiosity in the tilt of a bird’s head or the majestic strength in the muscles of a wild Mustang. Vivid and lively paintings exhibiting detailed, imaginative techniques. Gritty and dramatic illustrations capturing meticulous depth and range of values. I hope these split seconds of nature that I illuminate on canvas, transports you to joyful, wondrous place.

Jennifer Fox is a visual artist that is renowned for her visualization of how she sees nature and wildlife in a vivid manner. With incredibly realistic and remarkably detailed work in her portfolio made in a variety of mediums, Fox is not an artist limited by her choice of medium as long as it portrays her perception of wildlife to the world.

Born in Washington DC, Jennifer has moved frequently in her life. Currently living in the peaceful wooded countryside just outside Indianapolis, she has settled down in the most ideal place that brings her closer to the subject matter that you can see in most of her work – nature.


Having a degree in photography aids her with her paintings and drawings. She has put the knowledge that she gained from the degree and her keen eye to document nature and wildlife in some of the most stunning compositions which she uses as reference for her artwork.

Her skill and vision for photography combined with her degree in art education enabled her to master several mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor paints, and graphite. The works that she has been producing fully displays her versatility and mastery as a visual artist. Although she has had exposure to a variety of newer mediums of art, Jennifer sticks to the more traditional mediums to portray the purity of nature.

Exhibitions and Accolades

  • Art Star Award Western Michigan University - 2004

  • International Equine Art Magazine- 2009

  • Schoolcraft, MI library – Solo show – 2010

  • Southwest Art Magazine - 2011

  • Art Prize – Grand Rapids, MI - 2014

  • Reflected light Art Show – Avon, IN – 2017

  • Reflected Light Art Show – Avon, IN - 2018

  • Plainfield Arts Gala – Plainfield, IN - 2018

  • Madison Art Club 20th Regional Art Show, People’s Choice– Madison, IN - 2018

  • Plainfield Arts Gala - Plainfield, IN - 2019